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ginasfs - fall out boy
spooky-nathan: Holy smokes your edits are cool wow

Wow thank you :D that’s so nice


Northern downpour sends it’s love,
Do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby, yeah?

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bold = i know them away from keyboard
evaneo: can i have the original picture of patrick you used for the miss missing you edit? its such a perfect picture of him omg. and a great edit btw c:

Aww I’m really sorry I tend to just save the picture under the same name so it carries over the changes :L But I think I’ve seen it floating round tumblr so if I see it I’ll link you :) 

popcultureismyreligion: you're edits are rad as hickle heck, i love them.

Aww thanks that’s so nice omg :D 

i love you

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